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Investment and return

Customer success is critical to us, so we provide each customer with a personalized ROI analysis to determine the profit potential of their business. Even if you're new to the market, you don't have to invest on your own instincts. Instead, we're helping you make informed decisions based on facts and statistics.


If you have an idea to distance yourself from your competitors' parks, we will help you develop it into concrete solutions, presented in innovative forms as rides. If you don't have the details, don't worry, you can discuss your expectations and goals with our consultants and we'll brainstorm together.



After the design process has begun, we will have extensive communication with the client and the designer will ensure that he clearly understands your requirements in terms of function and style. Your industry? The business goal will serve as a guide for the designer so that he can start custom designs that also meet your needs. Our consultants will keep in touch with you through various Internet communication tools so that you can keep up with your progress. After completion, you will personally review the design. We will try our best until you are completely satisfied.

Project Management

Each of your orders is treated as a separate item. In  after order confirmation, we will input data to our project management system, in order to arrange production according to the agreed delivery dates are ok. Your designated project manager will report to you on a regular basis so that you are well prepared when the project begins.




Custom clearance

Custom rules and regulations vary from one country to another, but our extensive experience in exporting playgrounds and play equipment to 20 countries allows us to effectively handle shipment and custom clearance issues. Many aspects of your indoor playground business requires your attention, but rest assured that product shipment is not one of them.


Proper installation is as important a part of the interior as quality. The safety and permanence of many playgrounds are compromised by improper installation, Haiber play has a professional and well-trained installation team with rich installation experience in more than 500 indoor playground around the world. You can rest assured that you can entrust the installation of your site to us.


Employee Training

We can provide free on-site training for your employees, including the installation, maintenance and management of the park. They also answer potential questions that may arise when operating the service.

After-sales service

We strive to provide quality after-sales service so that you can enjoy a better reputation and shorter maintenance time. All our customers have access to customized maintenance and complete installation and maintenance manuals that include spare parts so that the park can operate smoothly. What's more, our professional account manager and support team will provide timely assistance to you seven days a week.


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